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Program Highlights

We offer 1 program built to serve the needs of students today!

Students will engage with a Core Curriculum in the Fall and choose an OLI Track, tailored to their interests, for the Spring.

The What

A Leadership Program Like No Other

The Ozark Leadership Institute is a unique, 8-month, non-residential online leadership training program available anywhere. OLI invlolves Biblical training, leadership learning, an optional retreat, and access to Camp Ozark Alumni, all specifically designed to develop uncommon leadership excellence and a Christ-centered worldview in young adults. OLI equips high school students to grow into culture-shaping Christian leaders as they prepare for college and beyond.

The Why

Our World Needs You

Our perspective-shifting program will help you think about God differently, yourself differently, and the world differently. We believe biblically-grounded, culturally-relevant leadership training is essential for flourishing as a young Christian in college and beyond. As such, the program we’ve designed will help participants grow into the highest levels of leadership excellence.

For example, given the urgency of the matter in today’s world, one way we will challenge our OLI participants is to think about how they think. Unfortunately, our thoughts are often flooded with emotion through social media consumption. We regularly encounter other peoples’ hot takes, which are often based on bad information. In response, our program will advocate how to navigate such a culture, how to drill deeper into the nature of things, and how to become more reliably informed. We believe such counter-cultural competencies will reap many benefits for young leaders in college and in life.

The Who

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Be Exceptional

The Ozark Leadership Institute is designed for high school juniors and seniors and college students. The program is designed by the senior leadership of Camp Ozark and the Camp Ozark Foundation. In addition to hearing from several prominent Christian professionals in the fields of business, law, politics, medicine, non-profits, and more, our program will be facilitated directly by Debbie Priddy, and Patrick Hoercher.

The When

A Few Months Can Make a Big Difference

We have designed our program understanding the schedule challenges of today’s high school and college students. From webinars that are viewable on-demand, to resources archived online all in one place, each component of our program is built with flexibility in mind.

As such, our programs will run for 8 months, from September to April. Participants who successfully complete the program will graduate as Commissioned Leadership Fellows of the Ozark Leadership Institute.

The Where

Anywhere and Everywhere

The program is non-residential and allows students from across the country to fully engage online. All you need is the internet. Additionally, there will be a unique, weekend-long retreat.

The Cost

Incomparable Value

$695. This price includes all administrative costs and access to all web-based platforms, resources, seminars, Q&A’s, etc. This price does not include the cost of the optional retreat or any books purchased in conjunction with the leadership program.

Apply for the Ozark Leadership Institute

Now accepting applications for the Class of 2024! Enrollment from Fall 2023 - Spring 2024.

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